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Seed Paper

Seed Paper Supplier In Malaysia

Our seed paper is one of the best-selling options in Malaysia, featuring high-quality premium paper embedded with seeds. With water-soluble dyes and no wood fibers, our paper is completely biodegradable, earning us recognition for our eco-conscious efforts.

Imagine your invitations or favors blossoming into beautiful houseplants when planted! Our plantable seed paper not only offers a unique feature but also yields abundant plants. It’s truly the ideal choice for those seeking to make a lasting impression while supporting environmentally friendly practices.

Planting Instructions: 

  • Tip: Do the soak for hours, covered with water the entire night before plating. Be careful when the paper is removed from the water the next day, as it will become soft and the paper will be soggy.
  • Make sure the pot is full of the upper half of the potting soil(the most preferable for indoors).
  • Spread the plantable paper covering the soil, not deeper than 3mm of the soil layer.
  • Soak the soil by just lightly soaking it so it does not remain flooded.
  • Make sure that the paper stays moist until the tenth day and on every day that follows – in order to germinate the seeds.
  • Seedlings will develop under the well irrigation, and sprouts will appear in no later than a 2 – 3 weeks window.

We can customize your seed paper with any design to convey your message to your customers and friends.

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