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STERIS Brand, USA Quality Disinfectant

STERIS Brand, USA Quality Disinfectant

This product is from an USA company which produces quality disinfectant that is EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified.

It is extremely economical due to its highly concentrated nature. Suitable for big spaces like shopping malls, hotels, factories and etc.

It is suitable for fogging & misting offices as it will not corrode I.T equipment and furniture, also harmless to skin.

It was tested and proved effective against 28 strains of gram positive and gram negative bacterial, 16 strains of viruses including (INFLUENZA A1, HIV1 ETC).

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3.75 Liters per bottle

Dilution Rate

1:256 – For example, when diluted at 1:256 parts. It is odorless and is safe to use regularly.


1 carton of 4 bottles – There will be a free dispenser pump for every carton purchased.